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The Prado Group is a privately held real estate development and investment management company with a focus on residential, retail and mixed-use properties. We seek in-fill, supply-constrained markets with high barriers-to-entry in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to enhance our properties by creating high-quality, sustainable environments for people to live, work, shop, and relax.

Conceived on the steps of the Prado Museum, the Prado Group's mission was inspired by the power of blending creativity, masterful architecture, integration with the natural environment, and the energy of the public realm. In each of our projects, whether existing buildings or ground-up developments, we seek to create quality environments that will serve and inspire future generations.

The Prado Group pursues quality investment returns by focusing on asset strategies that create value through asset management, development, repositioning, and property enhancement. Our overall strategy is to acquire and develop assets with a strong intrinsic value and a clear opportunity for long-term fundamental growth.

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