Laurel Heights, SF, CA

3333 California is an opportunity to expand the Laurel Heights neighborhood and create new residential housing in a park-like setting, to be enjoyed by residents and neighbors. Our talented landscape and architectural designers envision this project as having a unique sense of place that will enhance the community by offering high quality housing, a variety of landscaped gardens and open spaces, as well as a mix of community serving uses. 3333 California has been developed with community members through a two-year visioning and planning process and more than 100 neighborhood meetings.

Site Area: 10.27 acres
Proposed Residential: 809,950 sf
Proposed Retail: 54,117 sf
Proposed Office: 49,999 sf
Team: Prado Group, SKS, James Corner Field Operations, Jensen Architects, SCB, BAR, and Meyer + Silberberg

Team Overview
The best projects require a team that can harmoniously blend ideas into the existing environment with high quality open spaces, thoughtful buildings, people-oriented gathering spaces and community-serving uses. The 3333CALSF conceptual design team was hand-picked for its award-winning track record, design-forward thinking, community orientation, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Positive Evolution:
The Success of Every Project Hinges upon Thoughtful Collaboration

Urban Design
Our designs respond to project adjacencies, improve connectivity and integrate into the broader neighborhood context.

We engage our neighbors and derive great ideas to improve communities. Our projects are designed to benefit our current and future neighbors.

Mixed Use
Great “villages” have a mix of uses. We craft places where people can live, work, shop, gather, learn and relax.

We strive to create whole neighborhoods with a rich array of amenities that make life easy, walkable, and convenient.

Our award-winning designs, developments, and creative use of existing structures are designed to support sustainability-conscious communities by creating more and using less.