2130 Third Street – USCF Child, Teen and Family Center and Department of Psychiatry Building

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SKS Partners and The Prado Group were selected in early 2016 by UCSF to develop a new medical office building at 2130 Third Street for the Department of Psychiatry.

The project will be financed through the Campus Facilities Improvement Association (CFIA), a nonprofit entity which was created as a vehicle to assist UCSF in financing the construction of the building. The CFIA will have tax-exempt bonds issued by the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (I-Bank) to cover capital costs. To enable this issuance, The Board of Regents will lease the site to CFIA, who then will sub-lease it to SKS Prado. We will assume the Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM) responsibility for the facility. The facility will then be leased back to The Board of Regents from the developer for use by UCSF. Pursuant to the terms of the lease, The Board of Regents is unconditionally obligated to make lease payments during the time the bonds are outstanding.

Size: 175,000 sf
Cost: Confidential
Completion: In Predevelopment
Team: UCSF, SKS Partners, Prado Group, Pfau Long Architecture, ZGF Architects, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction

Team Overview
SKS Partners and The Prado Group have received many entitlements for their development projects in San Francisco, managing complex design, permitting and construction of multiple public infrastructure. 

World class care for children and their families

State of the Art
A national center for excellence in the treatment of pediatric and adolescent mental health, one that includes clinical care, research, and training in a single world-class facility.

Community Driven
The center will pioneer a more holistic approach to mental health that includes prevention and community outreach, the integration of pediatric and adult medicine with psychiatric care, and the development of novel and improved treatments.

Sustainability First
The building’s design and sustainable elements support this holistic approach, providing a positive connection to the community that helps normalize behavioral health care. The building’s water system includes integrated storm management, lessening its impact on the environment.